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Let our carpet cleaning experts whip your rundown looking carpet back into tip-top shape.

You Can choose

Depending on your needs, you can choose from our traditional carpet cleaning process or our "Dry Cleaning" method. 

TRADITIONAL METHOD  (method used in photo)

We clean a lot of carpet!  And our traditional cleaning method is the process used for the majority of those jobs. 

With this method, we utilize a liquid, enzymatic, cleaning solution that penetrates carpet fibers, to remove dirt, odor and stains. The result is clean, soft and fresh smelling carpet.

​​The traditional method, however, will leave the carpet damp for 1 to 3 hours after the cleaning. You can walk on it and conduct business as usual but bare feet or socks will get a little damp until it dries. 


This method cleans carpet with little to no liquid. The dry-cleaning compound attacks dirt and stains, trapping them in the compound.  

The Dry Cleaning Method is a little more expensive due to the dry cleaning compound used. However, we still offer this service because some customers swear by it. This is the only carpet cleaning technique that they want.

With this method the carpet is dry almost instantly.